The Toulouse International Organ Competition invites talented organists under the age of 30 to highlight the Toulouse organs of different aesthetics and eras. Its ambition: to encourage the design of artistically coherent programs, linked to a particular instrument, and having the concern of promoting the organ to audiences. Each candidate thus creates a musical program for the instrument of their choice, and plays extracts from it during the various selection tests. A way to highlight the rich heritage of Toulouse organs! Applicants must choose an instrument from one of the three categories of organs offered (old style, symphonic style and neo-classical / modern style). In the end, 3 laureates will be rewarded (1 per category) and will be offered a prize of 4000 euros and concerts in Europe. Characteristics of the Toulouse International Organ Competition
  1. The choice of the instrument as well as the choice of the musical program are entirely free
  2. Priority is given to the artistic quality of the musical performance and the proposed program
  3. The finalists’ concerts are part of the International Organ Festival of Toulouse
  4. Financial assistance for candidates for their travel and stay.
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